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Qt UI Design Tools Enable Rapid Prototyping and Fast Iteration
Qt's UI Design Tools make collaboration between designers and developers easier and more efficient than ever before. There's no need for endless feedback loops between designers and developers anymore.
Qt UI Design Tools empower designers to do live-testing and prototyping on target devices, and imported assets automatically turn into code that developers can reuse for different projects.
Qt World Summit 2018
Qt World Summit Is Approaching
Qt World Summit in Boston, taking place 29-30 October, is just around the corner and the Berlin event, 5-6 December, just a few months away.
Check out the Training Day courses and the latest speaker announcements, including Eric Bader from Esri, Bruce Johnston (PhD) from MedAcuity and Murat Günak, Head of Design in the Volkswagen Group and Mercedes.
Veriskin fights skin cancer
Veriskin, Inc. is a medical device startup company that, in collaboration with our partner Witekio, has developed a novel, inexpensive handheld device for non-invasive skin cancer screening. Read more about the device that can determine whether a skin growth is cancerous within two minutes at an unparalleled 100% sensitivity and 96.7% specificity.
Are you (f)man enough?
fman is a dual-pane file manager for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You use it as an alternative to Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac. fman makes you faster at file-related tasks like browsing, copying, renaming or opening files. Read more
On-Demand Webinars

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